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Lagging in simple navigation


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Did you try to profile it with devtools? Look at which functions consume the most time.

I think its because its re-calculating bounds  of all those graphics objects on screen.

Btw why are you using graphics for tiles? You can try Sprites with PIXI.Texture.WHITE and "sprite.tint" that you want, it'll be faster for interaction in your case, but still very heavy because interaction will iterate and check every item. There's no quadtree in pixi, so its your job to provide InteractionManager with better search algorithm

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How can I do if I using Particle Container to make each sprite interactive ?

Because it doesn't work now


Edit: I read this :


Particles Container is specifically container for indentical elements, without interaction, alpha blending, tinting, scaling, anchors, position changing by default.

But How can display 250000 sprite and make it interactive at same time ?

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