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CanvasRenderer RenderTexture not cleared

Rob Gordon

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There appears to be an issue with clearing the context when rendering a container to a RenderTexture while using the CanvasRenderer (PIXI-legacy v5.2.4).

Consider this example:

Click anywhere to toggle the visibility of one of the bunnies.

Using the CanvasRenderer the context is not cleared, and the bunnies remain visible. Using the WebGL renderer (switch forceCanvas to false) this works as expected.

I believe the issue may be here:
if (clear !== undefined ? clear : this.clearBeforeRender) {
if (this.renderingToScreen) {
if (this.transparent) {
context.clearRect(0, 0, this.width, this.height);
else {
context.fillStyle = this._backgroundColorString;
context.fillRect(0, 0, this.width, this.height);
} // else {
// TODO: implement background for CanvasRenderTarget or RenderTexture?
// }

The 'TODO' needs to get done. It appears there is no context management for the case where we are not renderingToScreen (as I believe is the case when we are rendering a Container to a RenderTexture).


** I've posted this to the github issues, but thought it might make sense to post it here as well to ensure that this isn't an error of understanding or implementation on my part...

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Understood - though this is the kind of thing that should probably be reflected in the documentation (RenderTexture is a major feature, imo).

Do you know if this is slated for the upcoming 5.3.0 release? I would think having parity between WebGL & Canvas would be critical.

Anything you can share from your custom implementation? Is it as simple as removing the check for this.renderingToScreen, or will that break things?

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