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I have an idea with procedural map generation with rectangle cells (honestly, I've choosed to move from clean canvas render to PixiJS)

For example I have map 100x100 with 30px cells. That means that i have 10000 rectangles and layer 3000x3000

When I starting this project on my smartphone this causes fps drop to 20-30 

If i using old canvas method fps is more than 60

When I stop app with stop function fps is more than 60

What can I do if I want to use Pixi? Any way to optimization it?

(sorry for English)

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Yes. Unfortunately I dont have time to explain all that for 100th time, so please read threads that you find with "pixi-tilemap" phrase over this subforum. I should have created general article about tilemap optimizations, too many times that was asked.

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