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PIXI Sprite displays in black


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I am trying to set a Sprite as a background in my viewport. The grid.png is 23040 x 9984 pixels.

      .add("grid", require("./assets/grid.png"))
      .load((loader, resources) => {
        const grid = new PIXI.Sprite(resources.grid.texture);
        grid.anchor.set(0, 0);

The Sprite shows in my Container but only in black. If I try with a smaller png (25 x 25 pixels) it works.

I also made sure my viewport world width and height were big enough :

   this.viewport = new Viewport({
      screenWidth: 953,
      screenHeight: 409,
      worldWidth: 25000,
      worldHeight: 10000,
      interaction: this.app.renderer.plugins.interaction 

Here is the sandbox code https://codesandbox.io/s/pixi-sprite-loading-cn7re?file=/src/App.vue:572-875

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I need to find a way to make the viewport big enough. The image is just a 744KB PNG background. There are certainly games with that big of a viewport.

Probably tiling the same texture would make my life easier. So if I understand correctly. This isnt about the size of the viewport itself?


EDIT: There was indeed no reason for my img to be that big. I tiled a 3000px x 3000px Sprite instead. Probably will learn how to implement culling() to optimize this. 

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