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What am i doing wrong using Pixi-layers for basic sight ?


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Hello, my game project is a little bit similar to this :


I'm trying to make the screen darker and to remove this darker effect around units, but it is not working and the sight effect is just a black circle 

i don't understand why, i inspired myself with the lighting example https://pixijs.io/examples/#/plugin-layers/lighting.js

Thanks for help.

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a few fixes:

1. spr.drawRect(i*32, j*32, 32, 32)

2. app.stage.addChild(lightingSprite)  . lightingSprite should cover everything, it should be rendered after all elements of the map, its the resulting texture of all your lights.

3. 0x000000 ? those circles are doing nothing.

Even with all the fixes, I dont see the exact problem. Maybe its because its 2:40AM here. 

Check layer _activeChildren if they were actually dynamically added.

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