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phaser 3 disableBody problem


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Hi everyone,


I need some advise for my code. There is a problem with function disableBody - the mistake is "...not a function".

I prepared the objects from tiled map as below:

 foods = this.physics.add.group({
        allowGravity: true,
        immovable: true,
        moves: false
       map.createFromObjects('food-layer', 'food-place', {key:'tilesheet', frame: 6})

as I found some information this method does not add 'bodies' to my objects, so can anyone advice a method to add the 'bodies'


thank you.

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Hey @a.lead, I worked on a game where I took objects from Tiled and put them into sprite groups. Like you, I used the createFromObjects() function. I then looped through each object and enabled physics via the Scene object. After they were enabled, I added them to a sprite group.

The code structure may not be super clear without the full context, but I figure it would still help:


// This function makes a Tiled object a sprite with a physics body
// We need a scene object to enable physics
const createSpike = (spike, scene) => {
  spike.setOrigin(0.5, 0.5);
  scene.physics.world.enable(spike, Phaser.Physics.Arcade.DYNAMIC_BODY);
  spike.body.setSize(32, 30);

// The code below was called in my create() function of my game
let spikeObjects = tilemap.createFromObjects(
  { key: SPIKE_KEY },

// If the createFromObjects method fails, it returns null
// We just set it to an empty array to not deal with errors
 if (!spikeObjects) {
   spikeObjects = [];

spikeObjects.forEach((spike) => {
  createSpike(spike, this);

const spikes = this.physics.add.group(spikeObjects);


I get the body once I call scene.physics.world.enable() on my object. If your code is in one file, then instead of scene you can just reference this inside the create() or update() functions. 


Hope this helps!

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