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Howler.js dynamic music has gaps


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Hi all,

My goal is to create dynamic music that responds to what is happening in game. I am using Howler.js, but am happy to try other libraries. (Howler is pretty awesome, though!)

The way I'm approaching this is to chop up my music into loopable blocks, and then "queue up" the next block at the end of the current block. For this, I am currently using Howler's once('end', ...) functionality, with a structure similar to:

my_current_howl.once('end', function() { 



It works. It's fun. The only problem is, depending on the cpu load, there is a variable gap in the music (always at least SOME gap, which precludes continuous waveforms).

It seems to me that looping does not suffer from this issue, but if I loop, then I'm stuck with one block looping over and over. I would imagine it should be possible to somehow modify the loop data while keeping the loop running but I cannot see how to do this in Hower.

Does anyone have any ideas or library suggestions? Is this a fundamental limitation? 


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Timing is never a browsers strong point ?

One option is to have, say, 3 pieces of music, all the same length, all set to loop, all set to start playing at the same time. But you change the volume of them to say, bring one bit of music whilst another fades out. Think of it like layering instruments in an orchestra.

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Howler is doing an awesome job of maxing the compatibility. But it might be worth to take the time to setup your own AudioContext (or just use the one created by howler) and mix in time critical sounds/loops yourself.

Working with WebAudio and timing (especially if you like to sync things) I found this discussion VERY useful: WebAudio/web-audio-api-v2 [issue comment]. It helped me understand and make use of the baseLatency value.

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