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When are the texture's uploaded to the GPU method flow


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I wonder when are the textures uploaded to the gpu, this is my understanding so far:

This happens in `TextureSystem`'s `bind` method, which is called in `Prepare` plugin's `uploadBaseTextures` method.
This is registered via `registerUploadHook`, which is in turn called in `prepareItems`, that is called from tick method. `tick` method is registered to be called in `upload` method.
Now I don't know when this `upload` method is called from.

Is this even correct information?

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That's right.  `bind()` makes texture actual. uploads, updates properties, e.t.c. You can even override resource `upload()` method to make your custom webgl texture uploading logic: https://pixijs.io/examples/#/textures/gradient-resource.js

Usually bind() is called when sprite with this texture is being rendered, somewhere inside "renderer.render()", but with prepare plugin you can do it before your game starts. You can also manually call bind() on all texture if you have a list.

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