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Maximum textures loaded in GPU at single time? (Desktop)


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For my desktop-only web game, I'm loading textures into the GPU before they are needed so that it runs smoothly. I also cycle through all the textures in a hidden layer so that the automatic garbage collection doesn't unload them.

Does anyone know what a reasonable maximum total filesize is for textures I have loaded at any given time? For example, what If I have 100mb of textures always loaded into the GPU, would you expect it to work for almost all users (on desktop)? I was hoping to find something like this that shows the maximum texture dimensions.

If you're wondering why I want to load so many textures for a web game, it's a large-scale game and I implemented a streaming system so the files are downloaded before they're needed to cut loading time.

I'm loading them into the GPU like this (pixi 5.2.4):




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44 minutes ago, ivan.popelyshev said:

How do you count those 100MB?

It could be 200 spritesheets that are 500kb each for example. Some of the characters are real people on filmed on green screens, and I want the resolution to be as high as possible. And just one of these characters could be a couple dozen spritesheets.

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17 minutes ago, ivan.popelyshev said:

That's 2.9GB . OK, you can use compressed textures (DDS, PVR, Basis, all that stuff), that's 8 bit per pixel. >700MB anyway

Do you think ~3gb would be too much for some users? It would be helpful if I knew a reasonable maximum size to aim for in order to accommodate almost all users.

Also, I suppose now I'll cut out as much blank transparent space as possible. If by doing this, the overall dimensions are half in size, does that mean it takes up half as much memory?

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Do you think ~3gb would be too much for some users

Definitely. 700MB is big amount on its own. 

Yes, if you make 2x less area, it will take 2x less space. Think if you can actually use compressed textures too - but it depends on the type of your alpha.

1. try pack an atlas to DDS (dxt5) and see the difference

2. for DDS-ed atlas, make sure texture packer uses x4 coord divisor , because if an animation frames have different offset modulo 4 - artifacts will be animated . Its 16 bytes per 4x4 pixels, that's why.

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