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Circula panningeffect


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Oooooh i saw only clocks preloader :)

Now I understand.

Yeah, its either curved shader (medium) , either curved perspective like in https://pixijs.io/examples/#/plugin-projection/quad-bi.js (super-hard)

It wont be easy to make if you dont have experience with shaders.

Lets separate it to two parts:

1. infinite scroll of small videos.

2. curved effect

If you do first part, I can come up with something for second

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OK, better idea:

1. install https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/spectorjs/denbgaamihkadbghdceggmchnflmhpmk ,

2. press on it while on page - it will reload

3. select FIRST CANVAS in the list of spector

4. capture one frame

5. see the attached picture

6. look in shader

Now you have to find whether its ThreeJS or Babylon - looks like ThreeJS. Now find their code in obfuscated part of site  - copy it.

All those things are probably made with 3d animated model , it uses morphs.

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Hi ivan,

i see the code into vertex shader, but i don't undestand if is possibile make some work with z axis in pixi, like three.js 

i think is not possible.

do you have alse some reference for infinite slider, pattern or tecnique?

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Just use ThreeJS for this case :) Its possible to do in pixi if you are familiar with how exactly ThreeJS does it, and if you look at pixi-projection demos. Yes, it requires experience.

> do you have alse some reference for infinite slider, pattern or tecnique?

I had but i didnt save it :( Yes, you are right, its one of basic demos that should be accessible to new users.

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