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GameDistribution 30 Day Payment Window.


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Hello everyone!

This is my first contribution to this forum. Very happy to introduce myself to everyone here, my name is Marco I am GameDistribution's product manager. I am responsible for the managing and implementation of GameDistribution's Platform. Feel free to message me if you have any questions on our product's strategy, roadmap, feature-pipeline. My primary function in the team is fundamentally to keep improving our platform and working on ways to improve our services to our partners. I'm always available to listen to your feedback/questions/thoughts/musings/general chit-chat. Do not hesitate to reach out. We have an exciting (albeit long) road ahead.

Linkedin | Twitter | Skype

There has and may continue to be a fair weight of heated discussion surrounding our product in the past, with particular focus on GD"s payment process. Behind the scenes over the past few months, our teams have been hard at work in figuring out a way we can optimise our payment flow and to get it to a place where it can be at the shortest window possible.  So I am very happy to announce that as of yesterday, we have reduced this payment window to 30 days.

Partner payments is something we take very seriously within the team. Over the past 12 months are commitments to this are paying off, as we continue to work on the right platform adjustments off this community's feedback. This represent's an important milestone for us and the first of many planned ahead, with product preparations well underway to ensure that new features are being built to ensure your games are efficiently reaching the players who matter to you most, at scale.

We will have much more to share to you over the coming months.

Please continue giving us your candid feedback, and if you have any questions/product observations to share, feel free to contact me.

All the best,

Marco Frisina

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I just noticed my payable balance went from €100+ to €17, does this mean a payment is being processed?

I've also been trying to add more domains under my publisher account, after being asked to add some lines in ads.txt which I did I got a reply with "We will update into our system and let you know when completed.", this was on april 15, I've been sending mails every other week or so to ask if they've already been added but never get a reply.

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