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pixi sound preloading - what am I doing wrong?


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Hi :)

I am trying to preload a sound and then play it, but I'm failing miserably and I don't know what I'm missing. Can you help me?

import * as pixiSound from 'pixi-sound'

export class Resources {
    public load() {
        const pixiLoader = new PIXI.loaders.Loader()
        pixiLoader.add('explosionSound', './assets/sounds/Explosion.mp3')
        pixiLoader.on('complete', () => {
            const sound = pixiSound.default.Sound.from('./assets/sounds/Explosion.mp3')
            const sound2 = pixiSound.default.Sound.from('explosionSound'); // DOES NOT!
            sound.play() // The sound plays, but it's downloaded from the url, it's not the preloaded one
            sound2.play() // GET 404 Not found error

Meanwhile, using the Loader in the exact same way to preload Textures for Sprite creation works perfectly. What could I be missing?

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I see the confusion. Sound.from isn't exactly analogous to Texture.from. Sound.from API only handles remote URLs.

If you want to play a sound that's already been loaded to this:


Here's the documentation: https://pixijs.io/pixi-sound/docs/PIXI.sound.html

Keep in mind that pixiSound.default is the same as PIXI.sound in the docs.

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OMG, thanks bigtimebuddy :) You were right about my confusion. Now i do


and from then on I can always play


Do you think that is enough for the sounds to be preloaded and for the game to start only after all sounds have been worked like that?

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4 hours ago, apocalexxnow said:

Yeah, I tried that, but it didn't work either without the proper import of the file. Thank you for trying anyway :)

Thanks for reply.  Curious ... find() works well for me - I add the audio files to the loader queue (as with any other asset file, no special treatment).  Then use PIXI.sound.find() to retrieve them (which plays them from the preloaded asset as expected).  I'm loading the libraries as self contained js in the html (rather than using imports) so perhaps this reveals an issue in the loader middleware / initialisation for your scenario?

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