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problems in mesh and shader


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i am creating a mesh using geometry and shader

in vertex Shader,i transformed the point by multiply projectionMatrix * translationMatrix,which i suppose should be set by PIXI itself,but when i doing the same thing in fragement shader,problems occures, i cannot tranform the point to where i want.

here is the code,thank you very much

let width windowinnerWidth;
let height windowinnerHeight;
let app new PIXIApplicationwidth, height;
// shaders
const PIXI_SVG_PROGRAM PIXIProgramfrom`
  precision mediump float;
  attribute vec2 aVertexPosition;
  uniform mat3 translationMatrix;
  uniform mat3 projectionMatrix;
  uniform vec2 pPoint;
  void main() {
      gl_Position = vec4((projectionMatrix * translationMatrix * vec3(aVertexPosition, 1.0)).xy, 0.0, 1.0);
    precision mediump float;

    uniform mat3 translationMatrix;
    uniform mat3 projectionMatrix;
    uniform vec2 a_point1;
    uniform vec2 a_point2;
    uniform vec2 center;
    const int pNum = 128;
    uniform float controlPointsArray[pNum];
    uniform vec4 controlPointsColors[pNum];
    void main() {
        vec2 tCenter = vec2((projectionMatrix * translationMatrix * vec3(center, 1.0)).xy);
        //distance to center
        float r = 0.0;        
        //Long axis and short axis length ,they are relative now
        float l1 = distance(a_point1, vec2(0.0,0.0));
        float l2 = distance(a_point2, vec2(0.0,0.0));
        //long axis's angle
        float mainAngle = atan(a_point1.y, a_point1.x);
        //point's corresponding angle
        float currentAngle = atan(gl_FragCoord.y-tCenter.y, gl_FragCoord.x - tCenter.x);
        //standard angle(long axis is horizontal)
        float stdAngle = currentAngle - mainAngle;
        //the length between point on ellipse and center
        float dist = sqrt((1.0 + pow(tan(stdAngle),2.0)) * pow(l1,2.0) *pow(l2,2.0)/(pow(l2,2.0) + pow(l1,2.0) * pow(tan(stdAngle),2.0)));
        r = distance(gl_FragCoord.xy,tCenter) / dist;        

        vec4 color = mix(controlPointsColors[pNum-2], controlPointsColors[pNum-1], smoothstep(controlPointsArray[pNum-2], controlPointsArray[pNum-1], r));
        for(int i = pNum-2;i >= 0;i--){
            color = mix(controlPointsColors[i],color,smoothstep(controlPointsArray[i], controlPointsArray[i+1], r));
        gl_FragColor = vec4(color);
const shader new PIXIShaderPIXI_SVG_PROGRAMlet v 300

let data 0,0, ,0, ,, 0,let result 0,1,2,0,2,3const geometry new PIXIGeometrygeometryaddAttribute'aVertexPosition', data , 2geometryaddIndexresultconsolelogshaderconsoleloggeometryconst combinedShapeMesh new PIXIMeshgeometry, shaderlet container new PIXIContainer;
// combinedShapeMesh.setTransform(0,0,0,0,6.2);
combinedShapeMeshshaderuniformscenter 100400,600300 400300;
// combinedShapeMesh.shader.uniforms.center = [100,400];
combinedShapeMeshshaderuniformsa_point1 0, 50;
combinedShapeMeshshaderuniformsa_point2 50, 0;
combinedShapeMeshshaderuniformscontrolPointsArray 0.0,1.0;
combinedShapeMeshshaderuniformscontrolPointsColors 0.9019607843137255, 0.13333333333333333, 0.13333333333333333, 1, 0.050980392156862744, 0.9411764705882353, 0.2784313725490196, 1
// Animate the filter
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i find a weild way to partly solve this problem by 

 [100*400,-(600*300 - 400*300)];

but i am very confuse why it will works beacause center and geometry points both multiply the same matrix, 

and in spacial scenario like rotate,it still will not work

please help me,THX!

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I cant understand what did you want to do there.

gl_Fragcolor is pixel coord of current pixel. The problem is that you cant use it in pixi shaders because projection might be reversed. Also, projection*translation * point  gives you viewport coords (-1,-1) - (1,1) where point is LOCAL coords in mesh. yes , you dont have a transform on it.

I changed approach - i calcaulte world position =translation * local , save it, calculate viewport pos and give it to webgl. Then in frag shader i operate that world position. "center" now is in global pixel coords


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thank you very much for replying and i am sorry for didn't explain it well.and due to some reason, i cant open jsfiddle.net to see the example you offered(but jsbin is ok……)

i want to use pixi.mesh to implement a radial gradient like photoshop or sketch, which can be controlled by center point and another two points.

in vertex shader, i transformed rectangle from local coords to viewport coords by multiply projectionMatrix * translationMatrix, and i remember vertex shader and fragment shader share the uniforms if they share the same name. in order to get viewport coords, i do the same thing to control point (center and two another) in fragment shader ,but failed

my height and width is 800 and 600, so i used some tricks [100*400,-(600*300 - 400*300)] to achieve the same effect, but actually i want center point to be (100,400),because the rectangle coords is[0,0,   600,0,   600,600,   0,600]

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the real thing i wanna do is  changing the color of every pixel within the circle by the distance between itself and center, THX

actually what i am finding is a way to measure the distance between fragments and the center point ,but i cant transform them into the same coord system



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Oh , sorry, I gave wrong link :) playground doesnt like UTF characters


Thats what was in my jsfiddle. Hope it helps. That's the code i made less than in hour after your first post. I'm sorry it took two days

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