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Issue with positioning graphics and image sprites


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I am facing an issue understanding how graphics are positioned within the renderer. I've done the position comparison using a sprite and a graphic circle.

const canvas = document.getElementById('gameCanvas');
const app = new PIXI.Application({
    antialias: true,
function loadgame(){
    var img = new PIXI.Sprite(loader.resources.img.texture);
The above code positions the image sprite roughly at the center of the X location of the rendering screen.
Now when I create a graphic (circle) and set the X to 360, it gets drawn at the width end of the rendering screen (the x location when set to 0 is correctly positioned at the starting edge of the screen).
//This code is part of a class
Please help me understand why does a graphic and sprite with the same coordinates show at different positions when rendered.
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Position !== shape local coors

You probably set both "position" and offset for circle. Position is part of transform, you can change it any time. Coords that you use in drawCircle are "baked" to a shape. Position=360, drawCircle(360) means that the center will be shown at 720. You can change position later, but not shape local coords, you have to use clear() for that.

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