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Steam for Core web games?


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I was wondering why we haven't seen something akin to a Steam for high quality web games (not casual).

With the evolutions in browser tech, complex and deeper games have been quite feasible for awhile (ie https://www.madworldmmo.com or https://embersword.com) , but most of them tend to either get mixed into generic casual gaming sites (Crazy Games, Kongregate) or become their own .io website, essentially forcing devs to handle everything from marketing, hosting to payments and support. Others would rather envelop their web games using tools like Electron to be able offer them on Steam as if they were native games (ie. Cross Code)...

While Itch.io and Gamejolt will accept/host web games, they will also mix in with any other kinds of game format and pretty much do very little curation to separate high quality from the rest... isn't there about time we see a curated experience exclusively for core and hardcore web games? 

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Web games have always been traditionally free, or MMO based P2W/Microtransactions.

Gamers seek either the free lunchtime filler, or the long term MMO in the browser, the need for a platform specifically designated for fleshed out HTML5 games is very low. It's probably only other developers who care how it was made.

As you know though, the potential to develop the game for desktop and release it on Steam is still there. Just gamer's don't care how its made, as long as it's a good game. If anything it might deter them to know it was made on web technology rather than blistering fast native technology, but that's just anecdotal.

If you really want to be a hardcore platform that makes money, then I think MMO/Persistent/Mobile game is the way to go.

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