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Reldens - Open source MMORPG platform looking for collaborators

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Hello everyone,

My name is Damian and I'm working on an open source 2D MMORPG platform called Reldens (https://www.reldens.com/).

I've been working on this for the past two years by now, always as hobby, but everyday I'm putting more and more on it to hopefully make it really great and known.

The platform goal is to allow developers (and non-devs in the future), to create 2D MMORPG games without need to worry about all the multiplayer games development complexity.


One of the issues I'm seeing now is that I'm using a (quite known) game graphics set (Time Fantasy) and though I loved it for start I think it's time to make the game result looks better, which will make the users see the full potential of the platform.

At the same time I still don't have any specific "theme" for buttons and game layout, so the idea will be to create a full "theme" as the default game graphics set (note the platform is been developed in a way where you can create/modify your own themes).

That been said the first thing I'm looking for is an artist that would like to collaborate on this for free, obviously all the work will be properly attributed on the project site itself but the license should be "free use" since the idea is to make the graphic set be the default for the platform and that way anyone could use it to create their own games (this can be talked about in PM since I'm not licenses expert, so I'm open to options).


The next will be for any developer with experience on multiplayer games to help me on improve the game code, finish and create new features.

The platform is made full JS using Colyseus for the server and Phaser for the client, the architecture is events-base, and I'm trying to split each feature in full independent packages, for example https://www.npmjs.com/package/@reldens/items-system that can be used on any project.


I sadly don't have a single penny on my budget by now, but if I get any support (on any of the sites below) I'll be more then glad to share it with the collaborators after the server cost is paid (which is not by now).





Just in case a moderator doesn't like these links here please let me know I would take them out, but the guidelines don't specify about these and I'm really just looking for collaborators and support.


Thanks everyone!

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