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Pixi BitmapText - Anchor problem

Saeki Amae

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Hello everyone :) As in subject - i try to use Pixi.Bitmap.from() function to generate bitmap font from casual one.

But when i try to display that text with anchor.set(0.5) the text isn't ideally centralized. It is moved a bit down from center of container (few pixels about).

I tried to change padding in PIxiBitmap.from() and resolution but the problem keeps existing..

I know i could just change vertical anchor and play with numbers (for example to set it to vertical anchor 0.52 or so)
but it seems so unprofessional to just type such number where there should be 0.5 - besides i have no warranty that
for other users this number won't be different on different skin or different casual font..

On contrary with PIXI.Text and usage of casual font the text displays correctly on anchor.set(0.5)

Does anyone know how to fix that? Thank you in advance for help!

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