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Clone and Edit linestyle in PixiV5


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I have created a shape with fill and line

Then i cloned and if i want to edit the linestyle in PIXIV5. its not working.
I referred this link https://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/9374-change-the-style-of-line-that-is-already-drawn/ But i couldn't understand the issue in my case.

Here is my code.

independent_bet_shape = new PIXI.Graphics();
independent_bet_shape.lineStyle(2, 0xFF00FF, 1)


independent_highlight_shape = independent_bet_shape.clone()
independent_highlight_shape.x = independent_bet_shape.x
independent_highlight_shape.y = independent_bet_shape.y

Basically I need a working code, i understood the following points from other links.

* that Geometrical properties r not cloned,
* also we need to use dirty and clear dirty
* but graphics.geometry.invalidate() is not needed in pixi 5.

But the point is i dont complete with a working code.


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clone() doesnt clone geometry, so if you want different style - sorry, you have to do it from scratch. 


if it worked, then graphics.geometry.invalidate() could help you, and it exists only in pixi-v5. I advice is to read source of functions that you use, it provides much more information than you could read from posts. I usually open separate IDE window on pixijs project and use shortcut to search for particular class.

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