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Is it possible to draw a Mesh or SimplePlane from 8 corner points?


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Hey there,

I`m currently working on a perspective transform with pixi. I found the example here: https://pixijs.io/examples/#/plugin-projection/quad-bi.js

Problem: The image is not drawn cleanly on the edge, even when setting antialias: true 

So now i thought about using a mesh or SimplePlane to make the edges smooth (example: https://codepen.io/osublake/pen/gLGYxx)

I only have 8 points to draw the mesh. Is that possible?

What would be the best approach to this?




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@ivan.popelyshev Thanks for your reply.

Tbh I don`t know if I need it. 

I just want to make the edges cleaner.
The 2D quad bilinear gives me 8 observable points, so I thought it might be possible to create a SimplePlane from these (I thiought the verticles would help), but I couldn't do it.

I`m a beginner so I don`t know if that even makes sense.

How would you solve the problem? The grid gutter in the picture should be interchangeable with any picture.






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Just in case, there's a difference between bilinear (Sprite2s) and usual homogeneous projection (Sprite2d), and in your case it should be homogeneous. "antialias:true" webgl context flag will work with this.

Where are those 8 points here, i see only 4

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