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modifying and transforming images question


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I am new to Pixi and webgl so I apologize for the simple question which is below.  I have tried several ways of completing my work trying to create an image editing tool but hit several speedbumps (premultiplied alpha pixel changes in a 2d context, being totally new to webgl2, etc).  I have my app "done" using 2d canvas but there are many problems that it seems like webgl be a solution for.

Is it possible to do the following with Pixi.js?
- load image data as a Uint16Array (I was going to load data from PNG using pngtoy or UPNG to get the Uint16Array)
- display, transform and scale the image via mouse actions (ie: zoom and pan using mouse) 
- modify individual pixel values in 16-bit (I am working with 16-bit per channel images but display in 8-bit is fine as long as I can work in 16-bit then convert that result to 8-bit)

Is Pixi.js the right tool to do the 3 items above?  I am new and just looking for direction on what tools I should use.  

Thanks for your time!

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Uint16Array, like, 6-5-5 or 16 bits per channel? Yes, you can do it. If you know how webgl does it :) PixiJS objects do same things, just easier to write code. If you dont know - well, you should learn it.


PixiJS texture modification is done either through

1. Canvas2D , Texture.from(canvas), texture.update() every time its updated

2. Your custom array + TextureResource that has a call of "texImage2d" with special format types . Search this subforum & pixijs issues for "Uint16Array", "texImage2d" to see how other people did it.

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