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Need to create heat effect


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That's not displacement. That's displacement + blur. It can be achieved if you know how to modify existing filters with glsl and chains of filter inputs. This is not newbie material, yet. You have to find someone who will make it for you.

I did something like that before, https://codesandbox.io/s/tender-franklin-iycmu , but its doesnt have blur, just lighting +displacement.

If you want to learn that stuff, you really have to learn most of pixi usages first. If you have Adobe Flash experience, or Photoshop layers - that'll help. If you dont know what layers are and how the image is combined... well.. im sorry.

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OK, then you can make it, probably :) The idea is to combine original image with blurred by a mask, and for that you need to make a combined filter. just a PIXI.Filter that has apply() method that requests extra renderTexture , calls blur filter, and then combines two images somehow. 

Code will look like https://github.com/pixijs/pixi-filters/blob/master/filters/drop-shadow/src/DropShadowFilter.js#L90 , but with extra input - mask that you want to use to combine those two. Or maybe mask is a function in glsl. The big demo I mentioned has modified DisplacementFilter that accepts masking, maybe it can help. Post here your progress and I'll be able to help.

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