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how to make Pixi.Spritesheet compatible with Rpg maker mz


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I love a lots the implementation of Spritesheet since it work like atlas and for UI it's wonderful to use or any project who has a lots of Sprites. 

Although the way that MZ or rpg maker implements sprite seem to be a puzzle I can seem to figure out to implement Spritesheet. 

Here's the SPrite API source code 


It seem to be working through Bitmap (which is common with RM) instance instead of a direct texture so figuring out how to implement it 

here's the Bitmap class API source code 



My guess was to go and Set the base texture / image to point towards the Spritesheet but I am unsure if it would not work? my guess would be also to create an instance of Spritesheet inside the bitmap class but it seem that would actually cause a memory leak (creating instance duplicates) 

so I am kinda at lost there? 



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I see well that's the thing 

they didn't rewrite much and didn't inputed that. 

I will do some test  so if I understand what u say

the code should look like this

var spritesheet = SpriteSheet["MySprite"]; // Let's assume it was loaded before hand

var sprite = new Sprite();

sprite.bitmap.basetexture = spritesheet.basetexture;
sprite.texture = spritesheet.texture;
sprite._frame = spritesheet.frame;

I aint sure ill try to write an Atlas wrapper so it automatically setup those things. but yeah if I understand correctly it's how you would approach it? 

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