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Multiple atlasses with same frame names conflict


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So in my game I have multiple sprite sheet atlasses representing the animated characters. Those characters all have animation frames, eg: "walk1", "walk2", "idle1" etc. I load them via the shared loader. I want to be able to load any of those character spritesheets into an AnimatedSprite and tell them to play the frames "walk1", "walk2".  However it seems pixi overrides the textures

Texture added to the cache with an id [walk1] that already had an entry


And all my characters are using the frames from the latest loaded spritesheet ? Is there some way around this?

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Well no I'm actually very happy with the global pixi loaders' cache. In my setup (using @react-pixi) pixi is set up and torn down multiple times (because components get unmounted etc). So it's very nice that the sprites are kept in cache. Perhaps I am alone in this but I think sprites loaded through a spritesheet atlas should get some sort of encapsulation, maybe just by prefixing with the atlas name or something.

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Good idea, maybe it was written somewhere, but i cant find it :(

How to do a PR: https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/tree/dev/packages/spritesheet/src , change spritesheetLoader that way it passes extra param from "resource.metadata" to spritesheet constructor or extra param before parse(). Change spritesheet, add prefix param and use it in addToCache


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