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Simple Multiplayer Card Games, Plug into Existing Backend


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RFP: HTML5 Card Games for Pop.In

Respond to: Eshan Mathur ([email protected])


  • Build the classic card game “Hearts” for deployment inside of Pop.in, a mobile group video chat app.

  • Use native frontend elements to build the game client, not HTML5 Canvas elements.

  • Use Pop.in’s Node.js games SDK to build simple backend multiplayer game logic.

  • Work with the Pop.in team to help them understand the pain points in working with Pop.in’s multiplayer SDK.

Technical Description

Pop.in uses a server authoritative model to facilitate real-time multiplayer games between video chat users. Games are displayed in a web-view that sits below the native app’s UI. The game UI must scale responsively to various device form factors. The game client must communicate with the server and use native web technologies to animate the game state and facilitate simple interaction with playing cards and basic UI elements. The game server, which is utilizing a game server SDK, must facilitate game logic for all clients.

Multiple Games

Pop.in is looking to build more than just Hearts - the developer who builds hearts will work with the team to absorb learnings from the development of Hearts (Game 1) and use it to quickly build Game 2, Game 3, and possibly more. Therefore, said developer must be available to work on those games.

Qualifications & Eligibility

  • An eligible candidate is available to work on this project full-time for at least one month, and have additional availability for at least 2 months afterwards to work on similar card games by making straightforward game logic and asset modifications. An eligible candidate is also comfortable with a fixed fee for this project.

  • A qualified candidate is:

    • An experienced web game developer, with prior knowledge of HTML5 game engines (such as Phaser) and has shipped a number of web games in a professional environment.

    • Comfortable with frontend web development and is adept at manipulating the DOM.

  • An ideal candidate has touched backend development in some way, even if as a hobby.


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