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How to activate plugin with es6 import?


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Pardon my noobness, js makes me dizzy - but how to I add it as global without imports?

I do not need the URL resolver, as I have the compressed textures available as ArrayBuffer already.

So I tried to check if it was available to the 5.3.3 build from yarn/npm which I have used so far.

import * as PIXI from 'pixi.js';

But it logs as undefined.

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> but how to I add it as global without imports?

<script src="pixi.js"></script>

<script src="pixi-compressed-textures.js"></script>

pixi js can be downloaded from github releases section

compressed textures exists in "dist" folder of corresponding repo.

I dont think its possible to do in modern JS without require, what i usually told people was:

import * as PIXI from 'pixi.js';
window.PIXI = PIXI;

However, people also use "provided" section of webpack config, but i dont know what are they talking about because i dont. use. packers. at all.

Whole issue exists because we cant ditch vanilla, we have very huge userbase of it. We are trying to fix everything, but for all the years of ES6 so far no one made builds that work with vanilla and es6 at the same time and dont have problems with typescript.

The only "correct" way was to "use only es6 imports and forget about old users" and we cant accept that. Its not that "guys, its easy, everyone should convert their project on their own", no, its "no one managed to did that, just abandon old codebase & userbase"

I hope we'll finally figure it out till the end of year.

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I hear you,

I am using vite and it has been working pretty good for a good while, but ran into problems here.

I have been able to get it up and running now by wrapping the source js from the dist folder of pixi and pixi-compressed-textures into its own file and namespace and then export default PIXI from there. This way the plugin worked, and my first compressed texture is showing.

Not the best way, but for now I have something showing on the screen and I can start experimenting, pulling the threads and then figure out the optimal setup later.

Thanks for getting me there.

I'm also trying the version you pointed me too, the latest vanilla js download version with included support for compressed textures. Also this version of PIXI is up and running now, but I'm currently struggling a little with getting a compressed texture to work here. I am cycling through formats,  but nothing on the screen yet (exporting a multitude of formats in ktx, dds, as well as going through the different formats in PIXI.INTERNAL_FORMATS.*) but for the moment I either get Error: Invalid (compressed) texture format given! or RangeError: Invalid typed array length: ####).

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