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Pixi.js swipe event


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Hi All,


Is there any built-in method to register swipe(right,left) event for sprite in PIXI.js. There is no such method listed in PIXI.js documentation (http://www.goodboydigital.com/pixijs/docs/classes/Sprite.html) or am i missing something?


if there is no built-in method to register swipe event, Can i use "Sprite.touchend" event and write some logic to find swipe left and swipe write event. I have tried this approach by using "mouseData.getLocalPosition(mySprite)" but could not figure out how to find swipe( left and right).


I am a newbie in Javascript any code snippet will be really helpful.



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Hi All,


For swap, I have experimented with sprite touch events and found following logic works for me.       


       var initialPoint;

       var finalPoint;


       bunny.touchstart = function (interactionData) {

           initialPoint = interactionData.getLocalPosition(this.parent);



       bunny.touchend = bunny.touchendoutside = function (interactionData) {

           finalPoint = interactionData.getLocalPosition(this.parent);

           var xAbs = Math.abs(initialPoint.x - finalPoint.x);

           var yAbs = Math.abs(initialPoint.y - finalPoint.y);

           if (xAbs > 20 || yAbs > 20) {//check if distance between two points is greater then 20 otherwise discard swap event

               if (xAbs > yAbs) {

                   if (finalPoint.x < initialPoint.x)

                       console.log("swap left");


                       console.log("swap right");


               else {

                   if (finalPoint.y < initialPoint.y)

                       console.log("swap up");


                       console.log("swap down");





The code works fine, But please share your thoughts and let me know if I can improve above mentioned logic.

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