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Sharpness / resolution issue


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Hi everyone,

I am trying to develop a web-based nodal view, similar to Blender material editor for instance. Having done a first attempt with Pixi, I can't achieve the same sharpness of design (and the lines are just horrible with antialias off). Is this a limitation of WebGL compare to OpenGL which I assume Blender is addressing?



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its limitation of WebGL. It doesnt have curves. at all. Everything is triangles.

1. webgl  "antialias: true" param in app. yes , its shit for overall performance, because its MSAA.

2.  use "pixi.js-legacy" package, it has canvas2d renderer in it, you can use "graphics.generateCanvasTexture" and reuse that texture. good AA, but , handling a texture that you'll have to destroy sometime later

3. make your own shader with AA. Pain, im doing it right now, its diffucult, like, Acegikmo difficult.


as for "resolution", sorry, that's a big talk. Just make sure that your canvas size is same as css


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24 minutes ago, Badoumba said:

Thanks Ivan! For my usage, I think that SVG would be more appropriate.

Thank you for the explanations though.

I saw schemes like that on PixiJS, in ManyChat. People generated textures based on SVG and cached them: draw SVG on canvas2d, then make a texture out of it, use "texture.update()" every time you change something there. Of course you dont have to us pixi for that particular part if you dont use its major features.

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