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event emiter/listener


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What is the best way to emit events from one sprite and listen them on another sprite or container?


1) I have toolbar with buttons like "delete, resize etc.' . When user clicks on sprites on the screen (a lot of them), I need to emit "Sprite is clicked" and save "Sprite" into event's data.

So, toolbar will listen to the event and will know which sprite to be "delete, resize etc.".


2) Second scenario is when user clicks on custom sprite (Background: PIXI.Sprite), I need to change background of another Sprite. I have multiple Background sprites.

In this case "Background" click should Emit event. And Sprite will listen and change its background.

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you can use Observe 
or this one is better, i using it with React, because everything is immutable (@read-only).


Or in vanilla, but why reinvent the wheel?


Actualy PIXI natively give you event for listen child's change, but not for props, or is missing in the doc. ! 
A PIXI guys can maybe fix me if am wrong.


Do not confused with the obsolete native version in Js vanilla, it was removed
"You can use the more general Proxy object instead." is what @nx-js/observer-util do

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EventEmitter  can not help on this?

PS: I am just trying to implement something like topic starter was. So, I am searching for understandable solution for me. I am not expert in pixi... and in javascript too.

I would be nice to show me a small example, how I can do this ;)

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Eventually, I need only one solution (if it possible). Using EventEmitter can we use some one object (like stage or canvas) to emit our event to it, and it will propagate this event to all its child objects? Or we need keep array of all objects to emit events for each of them one by one?

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