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Will Flash truly die on January 1, 2021?


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Does anyone know what will really happen once Flash is "unavailable" on browsers such as Google Chrome?

I'm working hard on rewriting my game for the post-Flash world, but I won't complete it in time. I do have enough loyal players that I think for a time I could say "until the new version is ready, use this other browser or do these steps to enable Flash again and get back into the game".

I'm just wondering if anyone knows what options are likely to exist for players who really want to keep using Flash. Have any browser developers stated that they will keep supporting it? Would we be able to manually install a Flash plugin? Just trying to plan ahead and let folks know what to expect. Thanks!

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Good question, I'd be interested to know definitively too.  From what I've read it really is going, gone, done, extinct ... Windows Update will supposedly remove it?

If so there will be some devious way to reinstall it, but expecting anyone to implement such a "malware" workaround is going to be increasingly unrealistic.

I sympathise.  Fortunately I moved on from Flash a long time ago, but I'm sad that the prior decade of work creating Flash content will unlikely be experienced anymore - even in sandboxed environments.  I've not yet had much luck with auto-conversion tools (e.g. Ruffle) - perhaps once the #flashpocolypse occurs it'll be more important to spend a few days and figure it out once and for all.  A wasm player should be feasible, so I remain optimistic.

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