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How to get velocity from a tween


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My challenge: I have a platformer in which I have platforms moving based on tweens.

When the player lands on a platform, I want to add the velocity of the platform to that of the player, so that the player can move independently, but still be affected by the platform beneath her.

The problem is, tweens don't have a velocity property (e.g. vx, vy). They move objects by updating the x and y positions directly.

Any help towards the right general approach would be appreciated.

Thank you!


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Thanks @ivan.popelyshev

After having tried my "addChild" approach, I can see how it can become problematic (having to manage removing it from the parent platform and back into the stage, etc.)

Side note: I am building the physics behaviors from scratch, because I find most physics engines to be too prescriptive. But I think my question is better for the more-general 2D Coding board.

Have a happy New Year!

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