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Any JS programmers looking for a stint of work

James Cat

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I know this is off topic, but I don't know where else to get a message out to a decent number of people who probably know JS.


I'm not sure if it's on the 'banned topics' as I can't find the list...


anyway - the company - in London - I'm contracting for is having a very hard time getting good enough JavaScript coders to work on their project, I think they would a decent amount £300 a day or more.


The pros and cons are:


- project is boring piece of corporate software

- they built their own framework on top of backbone and it's built by several different people at different times


- the people are alright, there's not much sense of 'togetherness' but nobody is a knob/jerk/asshole

- the senior dev is a cool guy and you can learn a lot


They're not looking for people with Backbone experience as they're happy to teach people, but you would need to know things like how scope works, modules (they user require.js), and know how to use the underscore.js and backbone.js documentation. It would help if you knew git.


Basically if you're a programmer, and know javascript its a good stint of well paid work with no drama.


let me know and I'll get you the hook up - [email protected] or reply on here.


oh, yeah company is called tag, www.tagworldwide.com

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