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Lightmap Masking Custom Filter Issue


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Hey, so, I have a relatively simple problem:

I want to cut the solid parts of a lightmap out of a darkness layer, usually one solid color. This can't be done without alpha compositing unless you use custom filters, so I decided to give it a crack. I got a version working in 3.0.0 PIXI (based off of an old lightmap filter), but when transitioning to 5.2.2, I'm experiencing all kinds of problems, namely that the lightmap, despite logging/extracting/etc. as the expected picture, seems to be treated as pure white by the filter.

You can find my demonstration here: https://codepen.io/roomyrooms/pen/mdOQggP?editors=0010

As you can see, setting the alpha of the darkness layer to the lightmap's alpha per-frag makes it invisible, completely. It doesn't seem to be interpreting the lightmap at all. Any help? Apologies, I'm a newbie to shaders/webgl/pixi/everything! 

For those curious, here's a working version in 3.0.8: https://codepen.io/roomyrooms/pen/NWbmKLj?editors=0010

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