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PIXI game as mobile app these days


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Hello, everyone. 

We want to make a game for mobile native app on pixi.

Everything on internet is so old. What is the modern way to build pixi for native ?

Before years there was cocoonjs for games against cordova and phonegap. As I see cocoonjs is abandoned.

We want to make very simple, non-physics game at early. So we don't need phaser or some game engines. Just pure PIXI.

As details we prefer PIXI v.5 and typescript.

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22 hours ago, Exca said:

Progressive web apps (PWA) are one way to create apps with web technologies without using wrapping.

If on the other hand wrapping is needed, then cordova based ones are still the most common ones.

Thanks for the answer.

I think it wont be cordova since it comes with many problems. Especially for game dev.

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12 minutes ago, torbycly said:



I am in a similar position, creating a game with only pixi js, but want to make it into a native app.
Had in mind to use cordova, as it seemed the only good option. what do you mean that it comes with many problems?

Mostly problems related to the screens and performance on different divices.I read that on internet and it is old(2018,2019). So I guess the complexity of your game is big factor.

Progressive web apps arent good option.

React native is good alternative but it also comes with its problems.

Try cordova since there is no shortcut.

For myself I guess I wont do anything for native because I think there are reasons for being so unpopular.


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