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Trying to pre-load assets but when the scene changes the _uvs are null


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I'm loading the assets before creating the Game and I store the loader in a context so that every class can use that scene loader. Th first time such a scene loads everything works fine, but when the next scene with those sprites come ack I get this error "Cannot read property 'uvsFloat32' of null". I want to preload those assets, because I don't want to reload these assets for every scene, because they are used very frequently, like the Player and UI those are in every game scene and I thought that the loading times would improve if I would load those once at the begin.

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Even if I do: this._container.destroy({ children: falsetexture: falsebaseTexture: false});

Still the _uvs are gone after a reload of the scene.

This is how I go to another Scene: 

async goTo(nameScenes) {
    this.previousSceneIndex = this.currentSceneIndex;
    const goTo = name;
    if (goTo > this.scenes.length - 1 || goTo < 0 || this._loadingScenereturn;
    this._loadingScene = true;
    const nextScene = await this.scenes[goTo](this);
    this.currentScene = nextScene;
    this.currentSceneIndex = goTo;
    this._loadingScene = false;
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Th errors come from the AnimatedSprite component and the Sprite. The text doesn't give any errors. I don't know which sprites don't work, because I can't debug that, but there are a lot of errors so I think all of the preloaded sprites

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