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PIXI.js : Blur / pixelated sprite


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Having a very basic issue but can't seem to get the right solution. Currently, i have a canvas size of 16:9 854x480 (480p) and we place a single large sprite on it.  

We adjust the height and width of the sprite, post which it gets blurry or pixelated based on the SCALE_MODE being used. Making "PIXI.settings.SCALE_MODE = PIXI.SCALE_MODES.NEAREST;" made is crisp and pixelated.

How do we maintain the clarity of the same?

Have attached a demo of the same here and feel free to edit it.



Device Resolution : 2

Demo : https://jsfiddle.net/adil_invideo/qwk3jups/13/



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oh wait, i see it. not pow2.. anyway, check if device has webgl2. 

if not, you can just host several versions of image -  downscaled 2 times, downscaled 4 times and so on, and download one that is a bit bigger than screen. Alternatively, you can do it with canvas2d manually, and give pixi corresponding texture.

The whole problem is that downscaling more than 2 times requires mipmapping or manual scaling 2/4/8 times whatever will be close to your resolution

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If you can't edit the source material to be POT you could render the original texture into a rendertexture that is POT and then create a texture that uses that POT rendertexture as basetexture and you would have an image that is POT, even if the sprite isn't and mipmapping would be possible.

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