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[Advice] Real world measurements ...


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I'm creating a small cad like application and looking for some advice on how to implement drawing a line  in mm/cm/m.

what i have for the moment is a container that holds  a other container that is the drawing board.
I want the drawing board to have the size of a a4 (later to print/plot to a  printer)
The Line  drawing function is in pixels for the moment but i want to be able to draw it in mm

I Guess i have to get the users screen dpi and covert it to the needed size of targeted format?

Like for example:

                         A Users screen has a dpi/ppi of 300
                         So the A4 format = 2480px x 3508px

But now i want to draw a line that is 5 meter long how would i go about that?
I Guess i have to take the total line length convert it to pixels and apply scaling?
I would like to have some advice on how to approch this examples also welcome ofc.


Thanks in advance!




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