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PIXI.autoDetectRenderer TypeError: gl.getInternalformatParameter is not a function


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When trying to run PIXI.autoDetectRenderer in Safari 14.1 we get the following error

    [Error] Unhandled Promise Rejection: TypeError: gl.getInternalformatParameter is not a function. (In 'gl.getInternalformatParameter(gl.RENDERBUFFER, gl.RGBA8, gl.SAMPLES)', 'gl.getInternalformatParameter' is undefined)
        (anonymous function) (main.c39d6dcf.js:27763)
        (anonymous function) (main.c39d6dcf.js:21272)
        (anonymous function) (main.c39d6dcf.js:27454)
        (anonymous function) (main.c39d6dcf.js:27467)
        Renderer (main.c39d6dcf.js:33069)
        (anonymous function)) (main.c39d6dcf.js:33104)
        PixiWorld (main.c39d6dcf.js:92750)
        init (main.c39d6dcf.js:94076)
        active (main.c39d6dcf.js:56402)
        K (main.c39d6dcf.js:56314:675)
        na (main.c39d6dcf.js:56317:376)
        (anonymous function) (main.c39d6dcf.js:56316:788)
       (anonymous function)
        (anonymous function)) (main.c39d6dcf.js:56314:1641)

Here is the code we used

        this.renderer = PIXI.autoDetectRenderer(
            {width: App.WIDTH, 
             height: App.HEIGHT, 
             backgroundColor: 0x0b3a21, 
             view:document.getElementsByTagName("canvas")[0] as HTMLCanvasElement | undefined}

This used to work fine but broke with the latest safari update. How can we fix this?


We used pixi 5.3.3

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Safari doesn't offer complete support to webgl2 . At least looks like that function is missing: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/WebGL2RenderingContext/getInternalformatParameter

You could try forcing webgl1 into use when on Safari (settings.PREFER_ENV). Do you have webgl2 enabled on experimental features? Or could it be that Safari finally has added support for webgl2.

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