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My latest PixiJS game devlog


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Hello lovely pixi fairies I hope you're all well.

As some of you may know I posted my game here a while back Arcade Builder and after releasing it to the public to a quiet audience I set out to make something closer to what I wanted as a game.

I recently posted about the code behind the game and I wanted to share it in case you guys were interested in a skim read and just having a general gander (look around), I know I like to poke around in other peoples projects if I can.


If you guys wanna ask anything lemme know! As usual as soon as I can I'll be getting some form of demo out for people to test. I want this one to be super super solid.

Bit more about the game case ye interested: https://ajamdonut.itch.io/deaddesert

Also just for anyone interested in screenshots and not a wall of text heeeere ye go!






Love yas bye

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forgot to add video
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Hello my lovely pixies!

Another little update today as I've been working heavily on the game over the last few months.

I've introduced many features including:

1. Perlin generated map

2. In game map (generated in NodeJS as a png then loaded into game)

3. Home base systems

4. Control multiple pawns

5. Have pawns anywhere still running.. This means, when a pawn is in the top left of the map and another at the bottom right, they both continue to run.

I have a little video showing life at the base here:


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Hellllooooo my lovely developers who work so hard.

I've been working hard again on my little trainset in the basement, aka my html5 game Dead Desert.

It's always nice to share my tests, things like performance testing and stuff. And so todays little vid is about treeeeeeeees.

A couple things about how trees work:

1. They are not added manually, saved to the map, or loaded from the map

2. They are created during runtime, using simplex noise. Simply using simplexnoise(gridX, gridY) > 0.5 for example, gets me the trees where I need them.

3. If the level editor (me) wants a tree not to generate on a square, simply change that square to a different grass/desert tile.

4. The map size is enormous, the total map is 1000x1000 tiles at 64x64 pixels each. Thats a total of 1,000,000 tiles.

5. The map is broken down into 10x10 chunks and there are 100x100 chunks.


I hope given that its a twitter embed it still works.

Until next time, thanks for checking out the trainset! xD

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Helllloooooo gamers.

I have another little write-up to share today about the different systems and libraries that I use.

I hope if you follow my project you find this interesting to glance over and maybe take away some ideas!




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