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mesh Plane and Rope in new Versions


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I was trying to use Pixi.mesh.Plane to wrap an image around a mug.  you can see the functionality I'm looking for in the attached image.

the problem is the fact that Pixi.mesh.Plane and Rope and such constructors are not available in new versions anymore (I'm using the 6.0.4).

can you help me with introducing newer version alternatives or giving me an even better solution to do so?



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That's the access. 

However pixi needs to be notified that you changed something in array. "autoUpdate" feature works only in Rope: https://github.com/pixijs/pixijs/blob/4d92e01380417d10e80624dfa5360bfe0708628c/packages/mesh-extras/src/SimpleRope.ts#L61 , however even simple MeshMaterial doesnt have this option.

So, what to do? manually call buffer update every time you change something.  "this.geometry.getBuffer('aVertexPosition').update()"

Im currently not sure why isnt it called or whether its called. "pixi-spine" works fine so it should workeven without it?

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Thanks It works properly. Is there anyway to use mesh for a container instead of a texture?

I mean I have a container for the pattern which I want to put on the mug I mentioned before which has its own effects and sprites. I would be glad if there were anyway to do so.


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You can render contents of container to renderTexture and then use it in mesh, that's how it usually done in all renderers.

Actual curved space for container is also possible if you have both direct and inverted formulas for curved space and aren't afraid of messy sharers, so far i was the only one who ever did that in pixi, here's bilinear space:




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