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Phaser - help with movement/update function


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I just started working with Phaser (really enjoy working with it) and now that I have gone through their examples, I want to create a game like the old school Nokia Snake game (it is a tradition for me that the first game I create is the old school snake when starting working with a game framework/library :D )


My question is: what is the best way to create a "block like movement" - one sprite moves exactly one sprite size per update (currently using the velocity or changing the x/y position moves the sprite fluidly, because of the update ratio).


Do I change the update function to be triggered less frequently? Do I create a counter inside of the update function and only trigger the movement on a specific count? Or is there another more elegant solution?


Sorry for the wall of text :) And thank you for your help :)


TL;DR: how to create a non-fluid movement (one size per interval)

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Short answer:


1. Tile map with movement on tiles so when user press "Right" it goes from tile  1,1 (x,y)   to 1,2


2. Ditch physics for the moment :) Nokia Snake doesn't have one so you don't need it too


Also you can do the whole thing without tilemaps and with arrays.


Here a little jquery based Snake game:



I'll try to make a little example for "blocky" movement in the weekend.

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