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Hello I want to upload the svg file to pixi and then when I zoom-in or zoom-out the quality does not change, I used pixi-svg5 but it slows down the system a lot And I use the use tag in svg Can you please guide me?

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Point me to webgl renderer that does have good SVG performance. There isnt one. 

Switch off antialias - get bad quality. You can probably clone "pixi5-svg" and use with "pixi-smooth-graphics" and it'll allow to render it without default webgl anti-aliasing.

Of course default way - how people usually do it - is to.. re-render SVG in canvas each time with different sifce and update the texture:) Copy SVGResource sources, make your own scaler there - its possible, but its not newbie material.

I know that people made many solution for SVG but they mostly didnt share them, so, if you dont like pixi5-svg, and pixi-svg and other stuff available - please, share your solution when you solve it!

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thank you very much I use the use tag in svg which pixi-svg did not support, so I had to make some changes to this library. Maybe it's because of the slow changes I made to using the use tag If so, what do you suggest for rendering svg with the use tag?

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