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"soon to have Adobe Animate support" - When?


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We're committed to Adobe Animate on a project and having seen that the PIXI.animate extension exists, and the fact that the software can export texture atlases - I figured Pixi.js should have no problem...right?

Evidently no. 

The extension doesn't work for me (v6), and I can't see anything regarding adobe animate besides the one line on your website that says support is coming.

Is it coming? If so, when?

And what do I in the meantime?


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There are many lines like that across pixijs open-source plugins :) 

It all depends on contributors and who needs that. If your project is commercial - you can add a bounty on it. Because its hell of a json, it has to be significant.

That's what i found on opencollective: https://opencollective.com/pixijs/expenses/34728 , yes, that's the kind of work people have to do to make integration with Adobe Animate. 

Alternative: do it yourself and make a PR.

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