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GAME_OVER event fires but GAME_OBJECT_OVER does not


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I have a game with bubbles made using Matter as the physics engine illustrated by the image below.

When the mouse is over a bubble I'm adding a tween to highlight it (and then another tween when the pointer goes out to remove that highlight). I'm using the events GAMEOBJECT_OVER and GAMEOBJECT_OUT to add those tweens.

Everything works fine except one thing: when, for instance, I have the pointer over bubble 1 in the image below and then move the pointer down directly to the windows bar, and then move back the pointer again to bubble 1, the GAMEOBJECT_OVER event is not fired. On the other hand, if I move the pointer down from bubble 1 to the windows bar, and then to the left always through the bar, and then back up to bubble 2, the GAMEOBJECT_OVER event is fired for bubble 2. I've also checked and the GAME_OUT and GAME_OVER events are correctly fired when the pointer leaves and enters the game canvas, respectively.

Note: the game canvas extends below the screen, so there's an overflow that's not visible. This is by design and I'm not sure if that's what's causing this.

Is this a bug?

Full list of events here for reference https://newdocs.phaser.io/docs/3.54.0/Phaser.Input.Events


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