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Phaser 1.15 -> 2.0


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I am creating a game for a college project in phaser.


I started creating in a few days ago, so 2.0 was not out. I have created the first few bits to make it work.


Now that 2.0 has been released, the documentation has been updated to 2.0 so many of the things I was working on no longer work.


For example, I have a circular sprite, so I would like to have a circular bounding box, however the setCircle method on a body has been removed.


Another example, viewing body's bounds.


I have noticed that your examples even have this removed.


Due to my having an invisible trigger location, I would like to be able to see this.



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Please see this: https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser/blob/master/resources/Migration%20Guide.md


All of the broken SAT stuff was removed from Arcade physics, if you need circles you have a few choices:


1) Don't upgrade :)

2) Use Ninja or P2 instead for a native Circle physics shape

3) Create a custom Sprite and add a Phaser.Circle object to it, use that for triggers.

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