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bump.ts: a Typescript port of bump.lua, a top-notch arcade-style collision checking library


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Hello guys, I've always been astonished at the unexplicable lack of gamedev-related tooling in the JS/TS world. 
This has led me to take initiative and port the marvelous bump.lua to TypeScript, to use it in my TS games, and hopefully to bring something useful to the table for other gamedevs using the same ecosystem.

Here a link to the repo for anyone interested:

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Thank you very much for your present.

I can explain lack of gamedev-related tooling in the JS world. We prefer work with emscripten, it's faster, it can be natively compiled if emscripten version is too slow on small smartphones, and c++ syntax is easier to read: headers, typing, using pointers to make local tables, auto-completion, etc. That's the approch used by engines (quake, unity, unreal), middlewares (flash, etc), emulators, casual games, etc...

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