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Game template marketplace and framework choice


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Hi all,

I'm a hobbyist game dev recently interested to make simple casual games that are lightweight and playable on a weak phone... and to explore beyond it, like playable ads or even KaiOS games.

I'm using pixiJS, really like it due to its size and performance, and have made some prototypes.

however, I am also interested to sell the source code as a template in the marketplace to hopefully gaining some extra bucks.

If I look at codecanyon.net, most games are built with construct 3. Do the framework matters in this regard?

Is it a concern for the buyer if I use Pixi, cocos creator, or other non-construct games?

Thanks in advance!

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On code canyon mostly construct is popular among the buyers, but if you have little better games than others it does not matter much which framework you use.

Sometimes it even depends on visibility, because they approve and list 4-5 games together and if yours go down the list then it may get lesser visibility.

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