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I need to make a Text Area behave like a DOS prompt

Basically so it wraps and spaces are placed like they are in a DOS / CMD window...

This might display a little better...


Can you see how it goes back and forth between "o foo" and just "foo"?  It moves two characters.  What am I doing wrong here?


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On 8/20/2021 at 7:16 PM, shezzor said:

Maybe try `word-break: break-all` ?

word-break: break-all;
white-space: break-spaces;

This is as close as I can get.  Works as I want in Firefox, but other people have reported that Firefox is not working like it is supposed to.  So the behavior I want apparently is a "bug" in Firefox?

In chrome, that behavior still remains, it never wraps the space character to the next line which is what I need to make it a "WSYIWYG" editor for my users...

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