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Shaders vs Sprites performances

Clément Faure

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Hello :) 

I have an application where i need to display approximately 1000 elements (with 5 main shapes and dynamic colors).

I have think at several different approach

- Using only Graphics but as it is says in the documentation (Using 300 or more graphics objects can be slow, in this instance use sprites, if you can create a texture to share between them.)

- Using Sprites from Textures from Graphic (the problem of this approach it that i have elements colored dynamically, and i'm not able to generate a Texture from a Graphic => I don't want to use either @pixi/canvas-graphics)

- Using Shaders

I don't have any overview regarding shaders performances. Is it better than Sprites ? than Graphics ?

I would like to make the right decision in terms of performances and good practices.

Thank you in advance.
Have a good day !

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