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I played my HTML5 games on the Wii U


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This is probably not news at all but I did not know that you could play HTML5 games on the Wii U browser. I just did at my friends house and they played both on the controller and on the TV screen. My games ran rather slow but Star Bits and Meteorites ran decently. It surprised me that this game has alternate keyboard controls and I could actually control the game with the D-pad. It worked beautifully only a bit slow. Also, the scaling code worked in the controller but the interface on the bottom got on the way. Additionally portrait games where cut in half but landscape games where only hindered by the browser interface getting on the way. On the TV screen everything looked fine and big but I did noticed some graphics artifacts, just some seams on the floor tiles.


But again, this might not even be news to anybody. Just posting my experience.

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