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PIXI Sound Filters


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I understand the goal but I do not understand the problem.

Have you created a SoundInstance?  Have you created a Filter?  Are you aware of the "filters" (array) member of the SoundInstance?  If so push the created Filter instance into that array (or create the array).  Done.

Think of it like adding a Filter to a DisplayObject.

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All I know is, this throws an error:

const sound = new PIXI.sound.Sound.from('data:audio/mp3;base64,' + audiodata);
sound.filters = [new filters.TelephoneFilter()];

As does this:

const sound = new PIXI.sound.Sound.from('data:audio/mp3;base64,' + audiodata);
sound.sound.filters = [new filters.TelephoneFilter()];


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sound.filters = [new PIXI.sound.filter.TelephoneFilter()];

Throws an error.

sound.filters = [new PIXI.sound.filters.TelephoneFilter()];

Does not.

However, there seems to be no change in the sound after adding the filter. Tried Distortion and Reverb filters- no difference.

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Sorry that was my bad on the typo, too much haste on my part!  Yes, package name is PIXI.sound.filters.  I have corrected in original post to avoid errors propagating to others.

Sound.from returns Sound.  Sound has member "filters" which is a passthru to this.media.filters.  I can see nothing specifically wrong with that code, so some debugging is needed - check whether WebAudio is being used perhaps?



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